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The Rindlisbachers

I wore blue for this shoot. I was hoping they'd let me in the pics/family. Just kidding, but only partially. I love this family. They're awesome, they're beautiful, they're so fun to be around anyone would want to join! Mom called me because I had taken pictures for her two older children's weddings and they were going to be in town for Jake's graduation from Utah State. It was the perfect time for the illusive extended family picture that can be hard to arrange! Also fun note... we made youngest daughter's, very serious boyfriend join in the pics. There was more than a premonition at this point that 'very serious boyfriend' was going to be 'very serious fiance' quite soon... and they didn't want to outdate their family pics that soon!! He jumped in and out of every shot... just to cover our bases... :) But I could tell they were right in their feelings when 'very serious boyfriend' was so willing to participate! And since I happen to know 'very serious boyfriend' is not only 'very serious fiance' but 'very serious husband' (I was there). I have only included the ones WITH him. Enjoy!



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