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Carson & Jenna get Formal!

When Jenna walked down the catwalk of the BYU-Idaho fashion show (in a wedding dress no less), Carson didn't know who she was. But I think he decided, he was gunna! And so it began. Too nervous to ask her out when she was standing by her mom after the show he did some undercover work to find her. And obviously was successful.

I knew these two were getting married... I'd shot family pictures for Jenna's family a few months prior in Logan. But they weren't getting married locally. But the stars aligned so that I could be there to capture the big day and following festivities. How glad I am, because when her older brother got married, her older sister got married, after her older brother had his first son, I was able to be there to capture the pics. I'm glad we made it an even 3/3 on weddings in her family!

Check out the gorgeous bride and groom in wedding finery, and chucks to give it some splash, because chucks are awesome!

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