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Little M's Birth Story

Over the past few years I've done many pictures for this family. I am long time friends with the momma! I've never actually photographed a birth story before, although I LOVE looking through them online and I've been a long time follower online of a few of the big 'names' who do these things exclusively. It is just such a powerful experience, and even just seeing a birthstory usually has me choking up a bit. So I was ELATED to do this for my friend and a little nervous to get it right and priveleged to witness this first hand. This is a family who waited for this baby, and it was amazing to see them get that well deserved moment of perfect joy when he arrived.

*For those who may not have seen one of these before, NO FEAR, this one is totally all age appropriate, suitable for work and contains nothing the faint of heart need worry about. :)

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