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Jordan & Kaylee are Engaged!

Jordan & Kaylee met each other hanging out with mutual friends one night - Jordan says he was sweaty and sloppily dressed (they didn't know girls were coming over) but he saw her, thought she was cute and they talked for awhile that night. Then shortly after Jordan's friends were pestering him about getting a date for something. He didn't have a CLUE who he would take out. In a bind he remembered that awesome, cute girl he talked to the night before and facebook stalked her. ;) While he admitts it was a weird move, he messaged her and asked her out. And then what happened? Well you know these days how facebook tells you when someone sees your message? Well she saw it. But she sure didn't respond! That certainly became awkward when he ran into her at church the following Sunday. Kaylee said hello politely, and they went on their way. Meanwhile Kaylee and her friends had a pact that they weren't getting into relationships, they were too young and had just started school. BUUUUUUTTTT, sometimes fate has other plans and in this case, it just plain kept Jordan and Kaylee running in to each other till they relented and really saw each other. And so because of that we're here... getting engagement pictures with these two awesome individuals that fell hopelessly in love despite awkward starts and missed oportunities!

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