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Justin & Sam Get Married!!

Their vows were simple and straightforward. Their love quiet and sure, for some reason they reminded me of the quote - "Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” - Emily Bronte. After the ceremony there was a reception at the Four Seasons in North Logan. Check out one of the most elaborate wedding cakes I've ever seen in the pics. I mean... as someone who makes cakes as a hobby, I could literally not look away. There was such great family there and such great moments. Justin's grandfather who is getting up in years, wanted to give Justin his wedding ring off his hand. After a long, happy marriage he felt the ring should go on to a new marriage and give it it's blessing... I'll tell you... not a dry eye. Anyway, you can check out a sampling of the event below! Congrats Justin & Sam, I'm wishing you the same luck and love in your marriage that the first owner of Justin's new ring had!

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