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Dallon & Lori Get Formal!!

He's from Utah, with a love for skiing in the mountains and the beach. She's from California, with a love for the beach and skiing in the mountains. They met when they were both working in Salt Lake and fell in love. They got started planning the wedding.... but mountains or beach!?! So as a compromise they did a little of both. :) My husband and I have long been friends with the Dallon and have gotten to know Lori as they've dated, but we planned a get away for exactly when they planned their Newport Beach wedding (hey, we planned ours first! ;p).... so needless to say we were bummed we coudln't go. But I found it a good consolation that I could help them capture their 'mountains and skiing - utah formals'.... they are so very appropriate for these two, as skiing is one of the hobbies that brings them together. This was actually an easy, and relaxed session, partially maybe because I know them, but also because they are relaxed kinda people... so check out their pre-wedding formals below and leave some comment love! :)


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