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Brad & Cassidy Get Formal!!

It's my first one guys, I knew it would happen though... it's a Tinder Wedding! :) Seriously Brad and Cassidy had to actually explain the finer points to me, because I'm only aware of the basics of Tinder. But after both swiping right, Brad got Cassidy's number, but sat on it a minute. She looked into their mutual facebook friends to make sure this cute but unknown Brad guy was legit. And eventually they met up at the Waffle Iron (um, yum) for the first date. Well those sugary waffles set a great tone I guess, as the rest of the romance was sweet (see what I did there? ha.).

These two absolutely killed these formals. When I first talked to them about their wedding there was just no way I could do engagement photos for them (they'd need to get on them in the next few weeks and I was 9 months pregnant.) When I finally got to meet them months later for these pictures I was way bummed I didn't get to shoot their engagement photos, and you'll see why, these two NAIL IT!! I was giving Brad a hard time because he was Mr. Model, but I gotta tell you... I dig it! Just wait ttill the wedding guys, these 2 are so fun!


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