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David & Katie Get Engaged!!

Okay, finally sharing the engagements from David & Katie from last fall. I happen to kinda sorta know David, he's my cousin. Oh, and we lived right above him for awhile (poor soul). So I can confidently say this seems such a good match. One of the reasons - David rides his bike. He rides his bike to work and for pleasure it's 105* or -5* and whether it's raining or snowing. He says he only doesn't ride his bike if, 'he's really late for work'. So when I saw Katie, without protest cinching down the hood of her rain jacket & putting on her helmet to ride to work together in weather I probably wouldn't leave my house in, I thought - You should propose David. :P And even though I didn't say it, he's wise enough and they love each other and they got there without my silly imput. (And before you say there should be bikes here, don't worry they ride off on one at the wedding! ;) I must be punny here and say, but I have to because it's true, this relationship is going to be a fun ride!

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