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Win a free Engagement Session!!

So I thought in honor of Valentines Day and the kick off to wedding season we ought to do a contest to showcase all those gorgeous couples out there just kicking off their lives together. (Or who just got engaged, say maybe even today! *Wink Wink*) The winner will receive a free engagement session from yours truly. Free. Did we remember to say free?

Entering is easy!

1. Post a photo & quick story of you as a couple on my facebook page!

That's it!

There's literally nothing to lose!

There are also a few ways to give yourself a couple extra chances.

Sharing (1 xtra submission per share (make your mom do it, she'd love to also, lol))


Having your friends 'Like" your photo on my page. (1 xtra submission per like)

Submissions can come in for a week and then on February 23rd we'll pick the big winner at random using so it's fair.

No worries though! If you're not the big winner, we're giving anyone who took a chance on us and participated a 10% discount on their wedding package, be it large or small.

If you have any questions about this contest or anything else, just shoot me an email, text or facebook message!

(It should go without saying, but unfortunately it doesn't sometimes... haha... This is not a cash prize and only involves Christie Heywood Photography doing a free engagement session for the winning couple at no charge, and cannot be traded in for the value in cash.)


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