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Tyler & Jenessa Get Formal!

Tyler and Jenessa and I talked over the relative merits of doing formals in advance of the wedding at my home when we first met. Things like choosing our lighting (time of day), being able to reschedule for weather situations, printing for the wedding, and freeing up the wedding day schedule. Ultimately they decided it was a great idea for them, AND then wanted to include a moment where I would capture Tyler seeing her in her dress for the very first time (commonly called 'First Look'). In retrospect I think they'd agree that all of these things turned out so lovely, that It really was a great decision. The only downside was all of us having to stop and dry out our red faces after the First Look, haha. What a great moment. Take a look at the beautiful couple below, and get ready for their wedding day images. It was cold, it was a little slushy, but none of that could keep it from being amazing.

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