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Little M's Birth Story

Angie & Danny were having their 3rd precious baby - by now they know these moments go by like a blink! What you think you'll never forget, it's actually hard to remember precisely in a few years because there's just SO much going on so fast! That is why I am always honored to be there and help capture this moment for now and for 40 years from now... and now hospitals are pretty friendly places for this, even during c-sections, they've come a long way even since her 2nd baby (which we also captured) with how comfortable the hospital personnel is about allowing professional photography. As a result we caught these sweet memories - the anxious anticipation as Angie and Danny sign the paperwork for and discuss the procedure that will bring them face to face with their daughter they've only seen in their hearts before now, the crew at work helping a miracle happen, the moment little Miss M broke into the world and announced "I'm here!" and the first few precious glances when mom sees the baby she's spent 9 months bringing into the world and the baby she's already been worrying and hoping for & then when their kids meet their new sister, amazing. Their toddler thought Little baby was the best thing ever and was 'his' baby from the moment they met. And what a blessing that mom and dad didn't have to give it a thought, the pictures so they don't forget, they knew I'd capture it, and they could just enjoy and really be present... oh I die. Enjoy a sneak peek at the experience below!

I love birth stories... LOVE.... people, if you're even thinking about it... call me call me call me. Tell me your questions, concerns, fears and hopes. And if you just want to see what they might be like - look below! :)

*Full Disclosure, this is a long one, tons of pics - but oh so worth it! And really it's a surgical procedure, it's still very tame, it's not gorey or gross, and even though it is childbirth we did this tastefully, no uncomfortable nudity, totally safe, haha.*

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