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Alec & Lindsey Get Married!!

Alec and Lindsey probably THOUGHT when they planned a late spring wedding that with a little luck it might be warm, mayyybbbee rain, but I doubt snow was on the horizon. Still you have to admit, odd as it was late late late in April that it was very beautiful coming down. Lindsey showed off a little of her sassy side as she excited the temple to the slowly falling snow, and Alec told me later she fools people into thinking there's no sassy side, but she can get crazy with the best of them. Huh, who knew, lol! They had such a fun party with Cookies and Kisses and a whole town in attendance. Being they grew up in the same area, there was a lot of people from the area who knew the couple and came to give their warm wishes. Check out the beautiful reception they put together below.

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