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John & Lisa Get Formal!!

John was set up with Lisa. The friend evidently thought they'd have a lot to talk about, he'd served a mission in Okinawa, she was FROM Okinawa living in Provo. Well, I guess they found more to talk about that just Japan, because they started dating, and contiued dating, and as their family teased them, CONTINUED dating for a looooooooonnnnggggg ttimmmeeee.... ;) But now they are taking that solid dating relationship into the eternities, so they have some more time on their hands to find even more common ground! We caught up at the SLC temple for a first look/formals session on December 17th in what might be one of the warmest December days of record. Works for us! Check it out below! And come back soon for a GORGEOUS wedding day, ring ceremony and reception!

John wating for that all important 'First Look'.

I think he likes what he saw!

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