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John & Lisa Get Married!!

John & Lisa may have had one of the warmest December days on record for their wedding. Maybe it was good vibes sent from their cheery yellow colors. It certainly made for a fun day for friends and family who turned up outside the temple to wait for the newlyweds. Following the sealing the party moved to Alpine Gardens, a GORGEOUS venue, and they had a ring ceremony and dinner and reception with program. It may have been one of the most entertaining weddings I've attended in a long time. The send off for this cute couple was a real official send off, from here the couple were going to Japan for wedding festivies and then back to grab a few things, and then they moved to Austrailia to begin their lives together! So talk about a real send off! I think it made things more real and more emotional for everyone. Good luck John & Lisa, may you always be as happy as you were this day!

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